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Insane psychedelia user!

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How an enlightened approach to "illegal" drugs will revolutionize medicine and science

Why are some drugs illegal and some not? How do psychedelics and MDMA affect the brain? How harmful are these drugs? How to treat people with PTSD and depression?

The issue of drug use and harm is one of the most compelling challenges of the current era. The so-called “war on drugs” has been fought for over 40 years at great economic social and human costs and has been widely discredited though still ongoing. One less discussed impact of the making of drugs “illegal” under the UN Conventions and national legislation is the hugely negative impact this has had on research and clinical innovation.

David Nutt will argue that this impact is the worst censorship of research in the history of science and medicine and show how himself and others have worked to reverse. He will share exciting new research discoveries that have been made on the brain science of drugs such as psychedelics and MDMA and show how these insights have led to remarkable new treatment possibilities for disorders such as depression addiction and PTSD. Finally David Nutt shall call for Denmark to review its laws on drugs to empower much more research in this arena.

Afterwards, Johnson/Pasborg Lo-Fi Organ Co. will take the stage. Drums, guitars, synthesizers, organs and tapedecks are the spine of this duo, that is based on surf, afrobeat, psychedelic, ethiojazz and more.

Der er ingen planet B.

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