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(Original tråd skrevet af Ut. på forummet "" og tænkte at den ville være aktuel her)
Har man spørgsmål til disse eller andre midler man påtænker at prøve, så er man velkommen til at skrive en kommentar så vil jeg svare så godt jeg kan ud fra det jeg ved indtil videre.

As appreciation of being here and learning with you guys I wanted to share with you some of my experiences working with different kinds of medicines for healing purposes.

After being interested in this field seeing how many people got very little help from our government, I decided to start a non-profit 3 years ago, making custom blends of herbal extracts, as well as advice people with all kinds of issues and diseases what to take and where to go buy it if I didn't have it on the shelves.

Yogis and Taoists would be required during their training to make elixirs and Ayurvedic potions so they would become more stable and energized for their often hardcore training regiments. They needed to stay grounded yet agile enough for the qi and kundalini raising techniques not to make them manic or psychotic and thus learning medicines were a must for going into these fields.

This will teach you how to make your own blend to suit the specific needs you might encounter in your daily quest for enlightenment and peace.

Like most fields that will help liberate you, bring you balance/clarity or give you siddhis or mystic powers, medicines are too shrowded in smokescreens and covered benieth hyped up nonsense and trendy sales-people trying to get you to buy their healing water, or some sort of CBD product from a multi-level marketing setup leaving you, with way to overpriced and dieluted products often.

There are though, hidden gems to be found that can be of immense importance to your practice especially in these days, allow me to explain.

Way back in the old days monks would spike the beer, wine or mead with healing herbs, mushrooms and roots seeking to heal the grumpy townsmen. They needed this due to living in cities became stressful after going from living life in tribes and also due to a lot of unbalanced foods compared to before.

They have actually found wine with more than 50 herbs and roots in them in the Mediteranian area as well as a lot of other finds with everything from liberty caps and amanita to nightshades. (they didn't shy away from partying either)

Actually in the 1500 there was a stir in Germany and they made a reinhardt-geboten "purity - law", making it illegal to add other stuff than hops and barley and especially not anymore of those devilish deliriants as well as trippy little fuckers from the dung-fields.

Today we're moving from country constellations to a more globalized system of sharing knowledge as well as bringing each of our own cultures mindfucks to the table. This puts an enormous stress on the individual and we're not only being bombarded through social media also our foods and social and familyconstellations (Radiation, pesticides, lightpollution, microplasts, monocultures, etc) All of these are throwing our systems out of homeostasis meant as the balance our body and systems have where in it can heal, and our brains remain placid to adapt to the new circumstances.

Each culture around the world kept certain plants and remedies in the highest regard due to their effect of either being a psychedelic or acting as an adaptogen and bringing them back into balance after stress. i.e.

This kind of medicine I will dive into will focus mostly on these adaptogens as the psychedelics have already gotten plenty of fame and glory but not enough know the potential of adaptogens quite yet.

This benieth here is a gross simplification of the medicines but can be used to get an understanding of how and why these practices are used.

Psychedelics are chaos inducing for the mind which can be great if you have a rigid mindset, but can be detrimental if you're already suffer from chaotic mindset shifts or carry certain kinds of trauma. It can also open you up to spiritrealms and other dimensions but this is another discussion.
Adaptogens are mainly order-inducing and can be great if you have a too placid mindset carrying or being vulnerable to others trauma and have been neglected or have neglected your health too. Too much of these are also harmful for if one doesn't clean up ones energy at the same time and use with moderation.
Practicing healthy habits is balance-inducing but this is kind of already what most here are discussing in depth with exercises and meditations. It is thus the most important of the three as balance is to be sought after but some can be in need of getting to the point where this practice is doable (order) or can be thought of as crucial (chaos) to ones wellbeing.

Medicine as a field in the West have unfortunately been colonized by shady industrial interest making a lot of harmful medicines to treat issues that could easily be helped with adaptogens as well a few exercises and diet recommendations. Medicine in the East too suffer, but here mostly from magical thinking that using certain rare animal parts will cure or effect their health in certain ways. Each they are delusions that harm the planet and the beings that call it home.

It is though said that the Wests' medicine is best for the accute issues like surgery etc. where as the Easts' approach is best for the chronic issues like lifestyle diseases and mental illnesses.

Of course, who would like to have a witchdoctor operate on you, inside of his dirty hut, but then again, who would actually prefer a crusty old doctor with speciality in feets and ligaments to diagnose and medicate you, for your depression?..

So enough of the parabels, let's get to the the actual advice.

Here is short list of some of the most potent herbal allies I've found through out my practice. Used for healing people severely depleted through everything from anxiety and depression to jing depletion as well as hardcore addiction to drugs and alcohol and an array of diseases.

There's a lot more herbs and remedies than these, that we use, but these are meant as inspiration of something that will guide you to use these for the betterment of yourself as well as the people you're working on healing.

All of these dosage recommendations are meant as extracts not raw powdered material.*

Standardized extracts are usually in the same range but be aware that some might be weaker or more potent still.


Look up interactions before taking any of these especially if you're also using other medications or doing recreational substances.

Google substance-x + substance-y + interactions and do a bit of reading.

Or ask in this thread I will keep my eye on any questions and try to answer dilligently.

Rhodiola or rosenrod. Used by everything from the Vikings to Chinese dynasties to fight off fatigue, wearyness, and boost mood and moral in the harsh winters. It was said to be it's weight worth in gold in China during one of the reigns. Rhodiola works on many parameters but increases serotonine as well as norprenephrine and has been proven to pull people out of severe work-related burn-outs within a few Weeks. Don't use it too late during the day as it will hinder onset of sleep. Dosages is reccommeded at around 400mg for 80kg's person. One or twice as 2x200mg morning and lunch.

Bacopa or brahmi. Used around South East Asia and India to heal the brain, foster cogniton and boost memory. Again being an adaptogen it works on many areas and neurotransmittors but the exiciting part is that it increases synaptogenesis (formation of new synapses) after a Month of daily dosing. The yogis of India used to fast on nothing but the fresh juice of bacopa stalks as well as milk for Months at a time. It can be used to stop progressing Alzheimers in high doses even and have been studied for ADHD with great results. It will quell psychotic and manic outbreaks with consistent dosing too and grounds the person doing intense energywork also. Bacopa potentiates opiates which is why it is very powerful to use in an opiod taper and it also reduces cravings for opiates heavily after seizing using. You can dose high with bacopa without issues from 300mg to 4000mg extract each day depending on your needs here. But it will bring a slight fatigue so pair it with stuff like rhodiola r tongkat ali to balance it out.

Tongkat Ali or pasak bumi. Used in Indonesia as a tonic for elderly men or people with fatigue and hormonal deficiencies. Through studies TA has shown to increase testosterone especially if your system has had damage from stressors and toxins. It increases spermatogenesis (formation of new spermcells) and have shown cases where fertility clinics couldn't help a couple but TA could help them consieve. TA also increases virility and sex-drive for men so use only if you can control your urges. It will help you cultivate more jing and will intensify the energy created from testiclebreathing greatly as well. Dosages can be around 300mg-1500mg extract pr. day. depending on weight and goals. Remember to cycle it 5 days on 2 days off and use only for 3 Month at a time and take a Month off to let them testies breath.

Polygala or yuan zhi. Used especially in China to combat fatigue, mental brainfog as well as bring calmness and replenish heart and kidney qi. Polygala increases both synaptogenesis, neurogenesis as well as raises BDNF which is not seen in many extracts I've come accross. It also has a moodlifting quality already after first dose and works great as a natural antidepressant too. It will also increase memory and cognitive ability gradually and works especially great if coupled with meditation and exercise. Dosages can be around 100mg-1000mg a few times each day.

Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng. Used in India especially against fatigue, sleeplessness mental instability and anxiety. It works on many parameters also but interstingly it lower cortisol by upto 30% which can help break a nasty circle of anxiety due to exposure and low restitution. I also modulates GABA to er certain degree which can have anxiolytic effects. Some respond bad to ashwagandha though and experience too much anxiolytic effects making them care little about social interactions as well. Others respond very good and can manage social interactions much better though. Dosages can be in the range of 200mg-600mg each day.

Mucuna or velvetbean. Used around Southeast Asia and Africa to boost energy and focus as well as treat sexual dysfunction. It contains L-dopa which readily converts to dopamine which is also why it has been made into Parkinson's medicine even which is modelled by L-dopa discovered in this bean. It can be slightly neurotoxic if used in excess so it's best to stack it with bilberry/blueberry and l-tyrosine and it will only benefit the effects to do so. It can be great for treating addiction to stimulants or to substitude ADHD medication as well. Dosages range from 50mg-400mg one or twice pr. day. 

Maca or Peruvian ginseng. Used in Southamerica as a foodsource and as a treatment for altitudesickness. Contain an array of vitamins, minerals and aminoacids as well as different alkaloids. There's varieties ranging from yellow, red and black. It can help treat sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalances in men and women and also has some antidepressing proporties. Dosages is ranging from 400mg-2000mg one or twice each day.

Saffron or kumkum. Used in Iran and India to alleviate depression, boost mood, and as an afrodiciac. Contains a lot of chemical compunds that aids in supressing apetite and boosting mood and energy levels as well as protect the brain against damage and inflammation. Is also shown in studies to help with symptoms of PMS. Dosages range from. 3mg-100mg and are active even in the lower dosages while more stimulating at the higher dosages.

Sabroxy or sona pata. Is extract made from the bark of a tree native to India used in Ayurveda also. Sabroxy increases neurogenesis, synaptogenesis and boost energy, drive and focus as well as memory and is a promising treatment for Alzheimers through increased levels of BDNF too. Dosages range from 50mg to 500mg

Shilajit or mumijo. A resinous substance used across Southwest Asia and Russia as a multivitamin back in the days, as it contains a lot of trace elements, healthy acids like humic and fulvic and a lot of aminoacids and vitamins too. Has been used for more than 4000 Years and is mentioned by Aritotle, Ibn Sina and Razi and more as this was sort of the multivitamin back then to treat all sorts of ailments. Dosages range from 50mg to 1000mg

Bilberry or nordic blueberries. Used in Nother Europe, Caucasus and parts of Nothern Asia too as food and as medicine for colds, fatigue, and brainfog. Contains many times more anti-oxidant than American blueberries and studies have shown bilberry to especially aid with maintaining healthy dopamin levels. One study found that student who drank a smoothie with bilberries/blueberries before an exam in general scored 10% higher than the control group who got a banana smoothie. Can be benefitial to use alongside mucuna and l-tyrosine as a dopaminergic focused stack for ADHD or ADD or stimulant-addiction recovery. Dosages range from 200mg-1500mg

Lemon Balm or Melissa. Used in Europe, Iran and Central Asia to induce calmness and quite the mind, treat menstrual cramps, headaches and ease digestion. The monks used it for their longer intense sessions of prayer it is said. Today people use it to combat sleeplessness as well as anxiety and restlessness. Dosages from 100mg-1000mg depending on if it's used for sleep or anxiety i.e.

Passionflower or passiflora. Used in Southamerica in concoctions to treat insomnia and restlessness as well as against anxiety. It works by modulating GABA and will be a beneficial sleepaid as well as part of an anxiety stack. If you suffer from nighttime restlessness a mix og this and lemon balm will greatly reduce your cravings for sugar or indulgences in other harmful activities brought forth by the evening restlessness. Will also benefit sleep greatly. Dosages range from 200mg-1500mg depending on your needs as higher doses will be more sedating.

Magnolia bark or hou po. Used in China and East-Asia to combat asthma, anxiety, depression and stomach-issues. Contains powerful anti-oxidants and more than 200 chemical constituents. Can be powerful to use for anxiety and also be a great sleep-aid and also works against epilepsy. It also boosts the GABA-receptors making it great for tapering from anxiety-meds like benzodiazepines as well as gabapentenoids. Doages range from 100mg-1000mg while larger doses can be a bit sedating.

Helpful aminoacids for anxiety, depression or accute psychosis.

L-theanine. An aminoacid found in green tea and some mushrooms also that works on an array of neurotransmittors and have accute effects already after the first dose. Can also be used as a powerful sleeping aid. Some report increased visual dreams but also nightmares so if you're prone to these have this in mind. Dosages range from 100mg-1000mg

L-tyrosine or n-acetyl tyrosine. An aminoacid naturally found in the body and in certain meats and cheeses. Used in many preworkout formulas to help increase dopamin, norprenephrin and adrenaline. Boosts mood, focus and energy and drive and can be very useful if suffering from fatigue, depression and brainfog. Dosages range from. 100mg to 5000mg depending on weight

Agmatine. An aminoacid that is naturally found in the body as well as in some fermented foods. It acts as a neuromodulater and have powerful anti anxiety and antidepressant effects. People tapering opiates, benzodiazepines, gabapentenoids and other pharmaceuticals can greatly benefit from agmatine as it potentiates the drugs and makes it more easy to taper aggressively and without discomfort. Dosages range from 400mg-2000mg and can be taken multiple times each day with little to no sideeffects.

Beneficial oils with medicinal properties.

Black seed oil or nigella oil. Used in the ancient Egypt and highly revered for internal as well as external use. Used around the Middleeastern countries for everything ranging from diabetes to acne to anxiety. These claims has been proven too from studies. Contains a bunch of exciting chemicals and oils with medicinal qualities. It also potentiates opiates and reduces withdrawal symptoms from these as well as benzo's and gabapentenoids. Dosages ranging from 500mg-5000mg

Celastrus oil or malkangni oil. Used and highly revered in India, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and is also known as intellect tree or elixir of life in Ayurveda. Used for everything from brainfog, to gout and asthma. Contains a ton of different actives but is said to increase acetylcholine in the brain very rapidly leading to increased mental agility and flexibility. Some reports being able to carry with them a half visible dreamstate while being awake after a while of daily dosing. Is suggested to aid with OBE's and astral projection as well. But be careful as it can have a nasty comedown if you have been dosing high and suddenly stop and it can feel like severe depression if you don't taper out carefully. Dosages ranges from a half teaspoon to 3 teaspoons pr. day.

Oregano-oil. Used in the Mediteranian countries and many places in central Europa to combat bacterial and viral infections as well as pain and inflammation. Many products contain merian and thyme and not proper oregano with carvacrol in it so it's best to search out a good supplier of proper oil. It can also be used topically on the skin but is just as well used in capsules and as drops. Dosages range from a few drops to 50 drops pr. day. If you have existing liverissues don't use more than 35 drops each day.

Getting a good multivitamin as well as an omega 3 supplement (algae also works) can be helpful as most are deficient in these actually.

If you're getting a balanced diet and not lacking any vitamins or omega 3's which is widespread imbalance found in most western nations especially, and you're not having issues with fatigue or lack of focus and drive in your practice this is perhaps not for you. This is meant for a quick dive into some medicines that can help people who's system are already out of balance due to everything from stress to outside stressors.

Benefitial smartdrugs.

Emoxypine or Mexidol. A Russian invention structurally related to vitamin b6. Acts as a neuro-and cardioprotective drug including heavy antiinflammatory effects. Works on GABA'ergic and glutamate systems and do this with a allosteric mechanism which makes it non-addictive yet very calming and relaxing stressreducing effects. Is one of the best supplements to taper from benzos and gabapentenoids but also works well in the later stages of opiod dependance. Can be used to treat anxiety, depression, stress and even be useful for psychosis symptoms with great results also with accute effects. Dosages range from 50mg to 350 mg

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide or NMN. Is a version of vitamin b3 or niacin with added molecular structure making in a rapidly absorbed pre-cursor to NAD in the cells of the body. Increases mitochondrial function and slows down aging and has a long range of benefitial effects for optimizing brainhealth to repairing DNA faster. Dosages range from 150mg-1000mg

Bromantane or Ladesten. A Russian developed medicine that instigates dopaminergic, serotonergic and anxiolytic effects, while still increasing energy and focus. Is somewhat of a chemical adaptogen with effects that builds up over time from neurogenesis and antidepressive effects and more. Dosages range from 30mg-300mg

Medicines with recreational potential. (Empathogens)

Now to some of the recreational herbs, and I include this as many suffers from the downsides of drinking alcohol as well as using harmful drugs and most today can benefit either from switching, or from knowing these, as to help out others, who're still suffering from addiction.

Kava or piper methysticum. Originated in the islands of Vanuatu where it was found by the Polynesian seafarers and soon became a very important crop for most lapita-originating cultures around the Pacific. When the sailors fist sat foot on these islands they found the islanders using kava as they would use alcohol, although it was also part of their ceremonial protocols. The strains of kava varies in effects too from heavy and sedating to heady and uplifting. Kava works mainly on GABA-a receptors but doesn't create tolerance or withdrawals after seizing using, even after intense use. It is especially touted as an alcohol-substitute and used as social lubricant gaining popularity in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well. Independant studies have all confirmed kava to be the least harmful substance known at the moment. Kava has a sort of reverse tolerance meaning the more often you drink it the more sensitive you become to the effects and can do by with less. It has anticravings properties for most addictions besides only for alcohol shows recent studies.

Dosages: Buy good quality medium grind or instant and follow the directions and use on an empty stomach. (typically 30g to a liter of water and 5g pr dose of instant kava)

Kanna or sceletium tortuosum. Kanna is a succulant shrub found in South Africa as well as Namibia and was used by the Khoisan, San or the Bushmen who used this as their primary recreational substance as well as tonic for long hikes and dances. Old sailors called in South African ginseng and sent multiple ships out to get some more but they returned emptyhanded as the native population had already used up that years harvest and didn't wan't to sell the rest they had. Kanna has an array of interesting properties besides being a potent serotonergic compound that has been given the name "natural MDMA" in it's extractform due to the very similar effects to MDMA. There are variying potencies of kannaplants and some are potent enough for just a little raw dried herb to be chewed to produce intense moodboosting and empathogenic effects. Smartshops now sell the extracts for young people seeking a natural substitute to drugs, and they then snort 10-50mg of the extracts instead of using drugs and suffer very little to no sideeffects the days after. For serious daily use one can experience some slight increase in anxiety when stopping but it is not that much. Kanna also works to combat withdrawals from opiates, benzodiazepines, gabapentenoids as well as cannabis and alcohol. Dosages range from extract. 10mg-100mg or raw kanna 50mg-2000mg

Medicines with potential of increasing ones dreams intensity, clarity, recall as well as help with lucidity and OBE's these substances are called (Oneirogens)

Mugwort or artemisia vulgaris. European mugwort was a mainingredient in beer before hops was introduced and used as incense as well as a kind of tobacco. Contains a lot of different chemicals but the oneirogen effect is said to stem from thujone which is said to increase lucidity in dreams among other things. Dosages of raw herb ranges from 1000mg-10.000mg and extract from 50mg-1000mg

Wormwood or artemisia annua. Used in China to reduce fever and has recently been shown to contain artemisinin which now is a reccommended medicine for uncomplicated malaria as a documented treatment. Also contains thujone and can be used as incense or to smoke in herbal tobacco. Dosages of raw herb ranges from 1000mg-10.000mg and extract from 50mg-1000mg

Calea Ternufolia or Calea Zacatechichi. Used in Mexico and Central America as a remedy for gastro internal issues and to enhance lucidity and dream coherence. User report clearer dreams and more vivid dreams too and some also reports minor hallucinations when awake. It also lowers your breathing rate and bloodpreassure so it is often said to calm you down. Dosages range from: 5g-25g raw herb (not extract)

Buying extracts or capsules or powdered herbs. A recent study found 80% of supplements in the US storebrands such as Walmart and the likes, didn't even contain any of the original plants or supplement listed. They instead contained soy, rice, or palmflower so be aware not to buy from places like these.

A good source is Indian wholesellers like or Maple Life Sciences from eBay (also India) is also very trustable although also very expensive. In general look for reviews most of the time.

I've learned to muster getting down the mix of extracts with water but some of my clients prefer if I mix in some cocoa-powder as it does mask most of the taste.

You can also buy a capsule-filler and some empty capsules and make yourself or some aqquiantances a customized gift of easy to use capsules and you'll save a lot by doing this. It's also quite a meditative practice to setup and fill the capsules I've found.

Good places to ask/look for guidance on this subject. Reddit subs such as r/stackadvice, r/supplements, r/nootropics also the forum has some serious experts on the panels in there discussing neurology and supplements on a high level.

For further reading on some of these and more check out:

I will keep updating this thread with information as I learn and feel free to ask here anything related to this subject I will take my time to look into it and give detailed answers.

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I've been using healing herbal extracts and working with these medicines for a lot of years now and implementing those in my routines were a game changer for me to say the least. They helped me maintain my focus and become able to keep up an excercise regiment and don't get overwhelmed in social situations thus able to lead a mostly normal life.

On the other hand it didn't clear a lot of my emotional turbid qi that was locked inside of my system and even though I did sprinting, weightlifting, fasted and meditated (the basic Westernized mindfullness) it didn't really help me get passed those destructive energies in my system.

I had a nervous energy around me at all times, my voice was stressful to listen to even for myself, and I kept repeating certain selfdestructive tendencies.

I discovered medical qigong as well as the technique of the MCO after only a few sessions I felt better than I had for as long as I could remember. My voice was calm and came from a still deep place in my body even during stress. My body and energy felt light and I started to feel heat in my body arising which also activated my kidneys giving me energy beyond anything I could have achieved with medicines but it at the same time came from such a balanced state of being.

My pace of walking became so light and joyious after a few sessions and I became able to look people in the eye with a big smile. Something I haven't really done for years. I would scan my body during the day using the MCO for blockages I would have gotten from subtle stress and clear them as soon as they arose rather than waiting for a good sleep to reset my nervous system or selfmedicate my way out of it. 

The key is really in the correct wuji posture, slow and consicous movements of the subtle body alongside the movement, as well as applying stillness in equal amounts as you do cultivation. (for me at least)

I also coupled this with sessions of breath of fire and reverse breathing and it became way more powerful both the qigong as well as the stillness as energy would heat up move to my spine and all of that stuff.

For medical qigong this guy can't be recommended enough as he talks you through all of the movements and visualizations during the forms.

He has sets of Hun Yuan, Yi Quan as well as Daoist Five Yin Qigong, all really powerful in of themselves. Parred with sitting meditation / cultivation some stillness this should be able to make a vast difference for ones practice.

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Thread now updated:

Additions are: Shilajit, sabroxy, emoxypine, nicotinamid mononucleotide, bromantane, and calea zacatechichi.
+L-tyrosine, Saffron, Oregano-oil, and Magnolia-bark

Indlæg: 04 mar 2023 16:08 

Tilmeldt: 05 jun 2022 12:34
Indlæg: 77
Thread now updated:

Addictions are bilberry

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