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 Titel: Changa Dance
Indlæg: 27 jul 2014 22:12 

Tilmeldt: 24 apr 2012 09:41
Indlæg: 53
(mind)Set: Very good and happy mindset, no hesitations about tripping.
(physical condition) Set: I had 2 supervisors who took the bong from me upon inhalation.
Setting (location): Cottage surrounded by trees and on a hot summer day.
time of day: Morning-Noon.
recent drug use: Took 220mcg LSD a few days prior and also smoked 1 large bowl of Changa splitted into two trips.
last meal: 1 egg 10 minutes prior to trip.

Gender: Male.
body weight: 67kg.
known sensitivities: None.
history of use: Experienced in general psychedelic use, but DMT novice.

Upon waking up I cooked an egg and had it for breakfast. Without hesitation, I had decided to smoke a large dose of Changa after finish my egg. Previously, my Changa experiments had all been fairly low dosed or I had only had the determination to smoke half of the bowl. But this time was definitely going to be different.

I filled my bowl with Changa and went outside to bask in a chair placed directly under the burning sun. I felt very comfortable, but had no expectation of what I was going to be welcomed by on the journey. Overall, a very mellow and relaxed state of mind.
I also listened to the album by Shpongle – Museum of Consciousness while I was having the experience. It really helped me distance myself from my surroundings and focus more on the experience itself. In all my previous Changa/DMT experiences, I've always been distracted by people talking, TV or unfitting music.

I was taking the first hit off of the bong but after inhaling a fair amount I found myself on the brink of coughing, so I cleared the bong from smoke and held in the smoke for as long as I could. Upon exhalation I instantly recognized the characteristic effects of the Changa. I went into a very relaxed daze and quickly pulled myself together to smoke the remaining of the bowl.

After exhaling the second and last hit, my friend helped me but the bong down on the ground and I was out of this reality in a matter of seconds. I almost forgot to exhale the second hit, as I was instantly mesmerized by the instantaneously appearing fractal visuals and unbelievably quick onset.
Unlike all my previous experiences with Changa/DMT, this experience was EXTREMELY fast paced and not as relaxed as they usually are. I felt like I was being bombarded with information at a speed that my brain simply couldn't keep up with. It was the most intense feeling I've ever had. I also noticed that the time completely vanished quickly after having exhaled all the remaining smoke. The lack of time brought me into the moment of now unlike any other psychedelic experience has been able to. There simply didn't exist anything outside of what I was experiencing.
Touching on the subject of time, I can say with assurance that the trip itself lasted 12 minutes, by looking at the duration of which the Shpongle album had been playing. However, from my perspective after coming down, it felt like I was away for 40-60 minutes.

Returning to the experience itself; Just moment after being bombarded by information through the visual and audio input that I was receiving, I entered an infinitely large place. None of the walls surrounding the room/place were visible to me, seeing as they were so far away. At the same time, I also started seeing entities with human-like limbs dance forth from the background. They were dancing all the way up into my face and then faded back into wherever they came from. I couldn't really count how many there were, but I’d say there was at least a dozen entities dancing around me. It was as if the music I was listening to was being controlled by these entities and that everything they did was in some way synchronized to what I was hearing.
After just a few seconds of this going on, the entities started creating things right in front of me, using the dance and music that they themselves seemed to be creating. The things themselves danced around just as much as the entities and were transforming to new objects very very rapidly. They were of a very fractalish structure. The entities seemed to sort of hide behind the objects, or maybe they were just shoving them up into my face so that I could see them clearly. Although the objects were crystal clear like nothing I've ever seen, the entities seemed to be quite a bit harder to get a grasp on.

I could tell that they had definite human characteristics in the form of arms and legs, but they were entirely made up of the most vividly colourful and changing lights my eyes have ever witnessed. So I could definitely sense the outline of these entities, but could in no way actually get a good look at their other characteristics, due to their transforming nature.

At some point during the trip, the music in my ears vanished completely and I could only hear the sound of the entities and the room around me. I'm having a very difficult time remembering the sounds I heard however, but I felt very relaxed during this time, as I was no longer being bombarded by the information contained within the song. Moments late the music returned, but my visual experience remained fairly constant.

I slowly regained some of my bodily presence and noticed that my breathing was very deep and relaxed. It felt like the most profound meditation session I've ever had. I also found myself to by lying in the grass, covered in sweat and rolling around in my own saliva. I really didn't care though, I felt absolutely perfect in the moment. The experience itself was just as powerful and personal as just a minutes prior to this, but I felt much more relaxed and at home, which slowed everything down by a notch.

At this point I also entered a yawning phase which even outlasted the trip by 2 hours or so. I was yawning several times a minute and each time I exhaled, I also let out a very deep and relaxed sigh. What really astonished me was that I realized when this happened, that I could transform the objects, which the entities had brought forth, by myself. It was beyond amazing to witness my voice synchronizing to every movement that was taking place behind my closed eyelids.

After lying in the grass for a few minutes waiting for the trip to subside I unplugged my earbuds and I noticed that my mouth was full of grass. I was very disorientated and was to my own surprise, lying a fair distance away from the chair where the experience had begun. My closed eye visuals also slowly subsided and the entities returned to the background scene where they came from.
When I opened my eyes, I was blown by the fractal structure of all the trees, plants and grass around me. Everything was also fairly bright.

What I wondered a lot about after the experience was the fact that the entities seemed to already be around me from the beginning of the experience. In other words, it felt as if they coexisted with everything in another dimension which became visible to me through the ingestion of DMT. So, they never really ”appeared” to me in that sense, they were always with me.

After the 12 minute experience was over, I had the most WONDERFUL after effects. I have never felt so relaxed in my entire life and was literally in a meditative experience for up to 2 hours afterwards. My breathing was very deep and I yawned countless times, while being very content and happy about what I had just gone through and witnessed. My ”hunger for DMT” had definitely been satisfied and I had finally been shown the sheer intensity and power contained within this chemical.
After all my low dose experiences, I was beginning to think that DMT wasn't really as powerful as people made it out to be on the internet, as it seemed like something you could do several times a day and just have a good time. This experience however truly established a deep respect for DMT and I no longer feel the constant need to search for when I can have my next trip.

All in all, this was the most BEAUTIFUL and INTENSE psychedelic experience I have ever gone through. I am definitely in love with DMT.

Indlæg: 26 sep 2014 14:33 
Administrerende Direktør

Tilmeldt: 03 nov 2001 02:01
Indlæg: 2033
What a lovely story. What are your thoughts on this state of meditation? I think it would be beneficial to use it as a sort of benchmark for your meditative practice (if you have one). Not that you should actively compare your future meditations with this state (well that would be exactly the opposite thing of meditation), but rather contemplating your experience, so that access to this deep and peaceful state can hopefully be achieved easier in the future.

Indlæg: 21 jan 2015 20:55 

Tilmeldt: 24 apr 2012 09:41
Indlæg: 53
Der er ingen tilstand der kan eller skal opnås.
DMT bringer mig simpelthen til mig selv.
Det er med andre ord, ligesom at vende tilbage til dét du var før du var noget som helst.

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