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Indlæg: 25 feb 2016 02:47 
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Tilmeldt: 25 feb 2016 01:06
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INTRO (in Danish, translation below)
Jeg havde allerede skudt en hvid pil efter de her satans thai-kopier
af noget af det mest solgte drown(down) your trouble kinda drug the rich side of hillerød has ever seen
Men hold da fest her kommer der en journal der vil noget, hvis ellers jeg overhovedet kan stole på min supplier mere.
Disse er tydeligvigst hånd/illegalt produceret, ingen mærkning, kun en kærv. Jeg finder den senere, og leder efter den, I should have done this, just so lazy...
Pointen er at disse
20mg Diazepine (Benzodiazin) Også kendt under salgsnavne som Valium og I DK Stesolid. Er de hvad han siger de er? Der er ingen garanti.

I had already dismissed these god damn thai-copys of some of the best downer the pharmeceutical business has to offer (IMO).
But here comes the journal: I have some doubt in my supplier right now, these guys are obviously illegally made, no stamp, just a shitty divider/crese.
I'll find it a bit later, but I'm lazy right now... Time to get high! The point is that these 20mg Diazepines (Benzodiazepines) have no gaurantee to be
roches, so hare we go taking the plunge! (aiming for a Valium experience)

This is what I was told by a long-time friend who uses them himselves, I have no resaon to doubt him, I am just a sceptic about shady homemade
pills But I will find it later and confirm it is a 20 mg(I am pretty sure it is 20mg valium [diazepam])
Also, I do have expeciences with benzos for 5 years, casually, so my tolerance is alway a little low, but not too low, that Is why I feel comfortable drinking,
which I always do regularly and resposible
becasuse I recognize my limit easily :)


Timeline (TL;DR I guess?):
(7:13) drop 20 mg Valium, open 5,65%vol half liter beer, light joint--> (8:23) peak, beer is gone but have to socialize and tidy up due to unexpected visit -->
(9:30) Used enegy cleaning kitchen, still pretty buzzed, bu no where near the peak. --> (9:45) getting a beer from the shop -->
(10:10) went to shop came back with snacks and beer and toothpaste (roomie request)--> (10:30) Lighting joint and doing one more (20mg) -->
(11:05) Joint done, beer halfawy, waitng for peak --> (11:20) Should be peaking soon --> (11.36) the joint is lit, a strong desire to do more right now, bu I dont know about that.. -->
(11:50) confident this is Benzodiazepine, beer taste good, smokes taste good right now, but the mystery fake thai pills are nowhere to be found :( -->
(12:14) ill probably not do one more Valium, since 50+mg is when the memory loss starts happening and I only have 20mg, with no desire to split them. --> (1:00) Just chillin listenin to Tom Waits just lit a joint, going to move from table to couch in a moment, I finished the beer, and feel a little tired actually (I was up early) :) --> (1:22) Chillin in bed with tom waits warm beer an cold women --> (1:27) Report over, will chill and fall asleep, will followup on how long I slept tomorrow!!!

I have been a recreational user for 5 years (sometimes 2 weeks only anf with benzo(very rarely), I like it best for a relaxing night alone with no commitments one or two times a year :)
It is also important to think about what your body tells you, Just always start small, no matter what the tolerance you have,
and go reeeeal easy on the beer, it is not for anyone, bu a sip will not kill you :) make it last longer than the iraq war, you know what I'm sayin?


DETAILED Walkthrough
(19:13) I Drop 20 mg, I light up Hash joint and open half a liter of beer (5.6%vol) Listen to 3 6 mafia, not sure I'm in gangsta rap mood though,
but I will give it a chance.

(20:23) The Dose (20 mg In pill) add up nicely with the feeling of my plasmakoncentration is at max capacity(/peak/) right now after dropping at (19:13).
I finished the half liter 5.6% vol beer. I am feeling very good right now, my balance nerve is off and I feel like smoking cigarettes and joints a lot
but I am definitely having a good time, even writing this journal! But again, I do like to type words into a screen in my sober life, so no surprise there ;)
I am worrying about falling asleep, bu It won't happen, since my roomies mom will be over and I have to clean the kitchen like right fucking now,
no prob though, I feel like it :)

(9:30 PM) Still a decent buzz, but nothing close to the 60/90 minuetes after dropping first dose peak, I have been using some of my energy cleaning the
kitchen though, it was just great, no probs there, knocked down a fridge magnet with way too many postcards on it, but even sober people do that, so whatever.
and the landlord (her mother) and her BF loved me, Win, Now it is just me and romiie, not knowing I'm on benzos (that she hates)
but she is high as fuck on hash, so whatever, it's chill

(9:45) Gonna go get another beer from the shop.

(10:10) Walked to the store, got ONE more beer, it will be my last, i dunno if i even want to finish it. Also got a grapefruit, coffee, and a coca-cola
I will now roll a joint and listen to sweet nuthin)

(10:30) Going to light the joint, do another 20 mg as the last in the evening and then drink a little more beer, then switch to coca cola.

(11:05) Joint almost done, beer halfway there, just waiting 15 min for maximal plasmakoncentration, right now I feel lkie eating more diazepine
(I always seem to feel like eating it like candy, dangerous candy that can make you comatose ;)),
but I think that would be a mistake, especialy after the beers.

(11:20) Peaking soon (if my imensely bad calculation are correct) and joint almost produced, listening to permanent holiday by Mike Love,
Im not that much into reggae, bu I ike the build-up of this track :)

(11:36) So yes, the joint is lit, all systems a-go, Argaman set the vibe with his ever changing musik box I have a strong desire to do more right now, bu I dont know abouth that...

(11:51) No info to be found right now on the pills, but not much to go after since there is no stamp and only a very "Handmade-looking" crease, but this sure as hell is Diazepam
(with the fast dillution in my plasma) Argama isn nice, øl er nice, måske heartstone er nice :))
Also, the benzo cough is on me!

(12:14) Will probably not do one more Valium, since 50+mg is when the memory loss starts happening and I only have 20mg, with no desire to split them.

(1:05) Just chillin listenin to Tom Waits and just lit a joint probably going to move from table to couch in a moment, I finished the beer, and feel a little tired actually
(I was also up early)

(1:22)Jut still chillin, moved to the bed to chill, still tom waits :)))

(1:27)I think my report is over! Will finish this joint and fall aleep listening to mles davis or something :))))

My next trip will be 1.5 pill and then 1.5 pill later (so 30+30mg). really, I feel like continuing, but I neeed to get up tomorrow at 8.30 anyways, and I dont want to exceed my limit! See ya guys!.

Indlæg: 25 feb 2016 12:43 
Dedikeret medlem

Tilmeldt: 16 okt 2011 00:36
Indlæg: 1364
Hey m8!
-well done, nicely written.. imo its good with the musicinfo too..
how long does theese pills work?
?: hvad er/what is: "Also, the benzo cough is on me!" benzo-cough?
kinda funny qoute: moved to the bed to chill, still tom waits :lol:
-peaz out

legaliser frihed! °ºª -og løs problemerne istedet!

Indlæg: 25 feb 2016 17:38 
Junior medlem

Tilmeldt: 25 feb 2016 01:06
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Quick follow-up: I woke up this morning at around 15:00, so yeah, serious amount of sleep. I had to postpone my 9-oclock meeting, but whatever, I didn't die, will do the rest (60mg in 2 servings (20 and one 40)tonight while crush is away for the weekend :)) Be carefu though people; I have 5y+ experince with Diazepam and anti-respiratory drugs in generel, Know your limit!!! :)

Indlæg: 26 feb 2016 06:06 
Junior medlem

Tilmeldt: 25 feb 2016 01:06
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I really feel like I get a certain kind of benzo-cough, maybe just because I cough from smoking and feel funny :D i would say the peak starts after 1 hour and then slowly fades out, usually until sleep. I mean, it's halftime in your plasma is 72 hours, so it will stays for a while. The buzz is DEFINITELY over 5 hours later (3-4 is comedown)

Did the final 3 20 mg over the couse of the day (one at a time), It went great! Mellow mood all day, and nothing to do but chill with stoner friends. When coming down, I craved more though, so will stay away from Benzos for a while :)

Peace out out there! And have a brilliant time being responsible : remember the non-nons about benzo, not too uch alkohol, not too high dose, YOU WILL GO IN A COMA. just becareful and know your limit, I have lost kammerater this way.

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