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Her er et lille skriv, fundet på et site. Syntes i skulle læse det!

It is of utmost necessity that there be a mode of communication that does not depend on the apostolic nature of the ego, and that can be used to quickly and easily transfer information from one human body to another. The only limitation of this medium is the English language be understood. Many words will be technically defined, these defintions are correct in this system.

The primary model of the universe that we shall be using is the <I> ENA Macrocosmic Model </I>. Each letter (E, N, and A) represents an icon, the sum of which, by their interactions, can be universally used to explain absolutely any phenomenon.

The E is the eo, which is the "I." To have a phenomenon, there must be something having that phenomenon. This is not simply the Freudian or Crowleyan ego, but absolutely any concept(s) that can be defined as "I".

The N is the ngo. The nego reflects the ego, and the two define one another. Where the ego is "I," The nego is "not I." Everything that is defined as "not I" is the nego. Obviously, all is one, and yet this is not true if any perceptions continue.

The A is the Asphere, which is a wild card of sorts; it is anything that is not perceived or perceivable. It serves simply to represent any information not known in the present moment, that might be known in the future.

By assigning phenomena to these three (really two, the Asphere is blank) icons, one can represent all phenomena.

When one alters one part of a whole, one alters the whole itself. This is the Synergestic Axiom. Thus by altering the ego or nego, one alters the universe as a whole, in a manner corresponding to nature of the said alteration.

We shall now begin graphing mindspace. There are four levels of reality, and we must acknowlede this so as to be able to classify our thoughts. Luckily (or not), we only have direct access to two of these.

The first level of reality is the unperceivable Tao, that which causes perceptions. It is the level of matter. We are unable to perceive this because we are sensory beings.

Yet we can indirectly perceive this. Light reflects off things, and simulates our eyes. This causes a proces called construction. Our brains actively construct all phenomena that we perceive. The visual cortex, which constructs sight, for example, takes up almost half of our brain. Everything is constrcuted, from color, to motion, to objects, everything. And it is cconstructed from (relitively) little information. We see a lot of dots and intersections, and our brain fills in the rest. Anyone aware of the blind spot of the eye, where the retina attaches, should understand this fact.

One bit of information used in construction is a <i> rational <i>. The adjective rational is used to refer to this.

Yet we are unable to percieve this second level of reality, even. The information lacks any meaning without emotional attachment, without bias.

The third level of reality is phenomenal reality, the reality of perceptions. This is the average of constructed rality and the fourth level.

The fourth level is imaginary.

In our graph, we need to establish some certain points. The first point we need is the ego point. It is the origin of our graph.

We need now to establish axis. We shall do so by imagining several infinite concepts.

If one was to add together all numbers, one would find the number Aleph. This is actual infinity. And yet there are higher powers of Aleph.

If we were to add together all the rational numbers on the number, we would get Aleph. And yet there are many more numbers on the number line that the rationals, there are irrationals like pi, for exaample.

A line is of infinite length, and yet is of a smaller size than a plane, and no number of lines can equal a plane. This has presented a great problem to mathematicians, if no number of Alephs equals a higher order Aleph, how can it be? The irrational numbers were secret in Pythagorean days for a reason.

All of the numbers on the number line are equal to Aleph, yet no matter how many we perceive, there are always spaces that are forgotten. The sum of all these spaces is Daleth.

Aleph is Pattern, Daleth Relation.

The point that is Aleph is at the end of a line that is intersected by the ego point, along the X axis. The point that is Daleth is intersected by the ego point along the y axis. Thus we construct a Cartesian graph around the ego.

We need establish a few more points. The first point is the <i>Genius</I>. The Genius is the absolute perfect reflection of the ego at any moment; it is the ego raised to infinity.

The<i> Angel<i> is the force that gives all actions of the ego perfect meaning, even if the ego is not aware of the true reason, the Angel is its cause.

There is a sphere centered around the ego, this is the <i>negosphere</I>. Ther negosphere contains the whole known universe, real and imaginary. Outside of the negosphere is the asphere.

All of those qualities that define and limit a person, the Crowleyan ego (CHORONZON), are placed in a smaller sphere arounf the ego, called the egosphere. The egosphere should be completely collapsed, leaving only the ego point.

All phenomena have some quality that makes it itself and none other. This is vibration. No two things have the same vibration, if they did, they would be one. We use vibration like co-ordinates, save that they (usually) aren't described by numbers. The vibration of Beastbay is Beastbay; vibraiton of my dog is my dog. We can always have a set representing more than one vibration, we simply refer to the set's vibration.

There is only one thing at any one time that is formost in out mind. If there is more than one, then we describe the set as a whole as the one thing. This is the <i> active nego </i>. The process of choosing an active nego is the function of sentience, and is called <i> selection </i> The active nego may be refered to as the select, or selected nego.

All points not acive or the ego are </I> peripheral </i>.

Most though is linear, being a relation between the active and the ego. Yet this has little meanin, because it has no context. Only planar though has meaning.

Any thought can be thought of as true, relative to its plane of origin.

Any two points have what is called <i>resonance</I>. This is the result of their differenct of vibration. The resonance of two points is very much like spacial gravity, it attacts one to another.

One momment is a <i> frame </I> This is a single instant. All frames that involve a single ego point (that has not changed in vibration significantly) collectively make a <i> scene </I>. Scenes are linked by <i> themes </I> which are meaningful and intuitive. Movie themes are quite the reference here.

Scenes are drawn as multiple negospheres inside a single asphere, with or without an egosphere.

The first quadrent of our graph represents positive Aleph and Daleth, positive in both pattern an realtion. The second is positive in elation, but negitive in pattern. The third is negiitive in both pattern and realtion, and the fourth in posiive in pattern and negitive in relation. The exact placement of points beyound this depends on the intent of whomever draws the graph.

From the ego to the Genius is a ray, called the <i> Spiritray </i>. Anything that lies on this ray is the True Will and the True Desire. Any actions that lie on this ray need be taken.

From the ego to the Angel is the <i> Ascension Ray </i>. This represents mystical understanding. Anything on this ray need be manifest.

Existant phenomena can exist in a variey of ways. The can be <i> manifest </i>, which means that the have some existance outside the imagnination of the ego (shut up you Buddhists ;} ). They can be perceived, which means that the ego acknowledges its existance. They can be concieved, which means that they exist in the imagination of the ego. And they can be a host, which means that it is not manifest, yet it does have some agent of manifestation outside the ego's imagination.

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